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Curators of fine wine


Corveste Wines is engaged in the private distribution of exclusive wines from Italy and France to private individual buyers and restaurants in Ontario.


Selecting the wines for distribution is the true differentiator for our company. We focus on wines that are of great taste, incredible value and exclusive to all of our clients. Despite their best efforts, the LCBO and Vintages are unable to provide the variety and uniqueness of choice that many private clients and restaurants have come to appreciate and expect.

Our approach is to work closely with the fine wine producers in Europe, ensuring that we maintain a fresh, interesting and unique listing of our wines on our website. Our selection of vineyards is driven by the input from our clients. We also work to nurture strong long lasting relationships with the vineyards to ensure we have a collection of wines that can be consumed daily or stored for extended periods of time if that is of interest to any client.


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