Why is there a Black Rooster on the Chianti bottles?

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 Thanks for the response to my last email. On a regular basis we will be sending you information about our wines and then post the article to our web site for future access. This story is about Chianti and the Black Rooster.

 People often ask me this question….Why is there a Black Rooster on the Chianti bottles?

 “Sitting proudly in the heart of Chianti country is Greve in Chianti, renamed in 1972 after the area’s inclusion in the Chianti wine district. Almost midway between Florence to the north and Siena to the south, the central piazza occupies its heart and its heart belongs to Chianti Classico, home of the Black Rooster.

The Black Rooster emblem is 700 years old and it is far more than a symbol. It is a proud designation and represents the strict government regulations, overseeing everything from the yield to production that uphold the reputation of Chianti Classico. Branded in 1384 as the emblem for the League of Chianti, today the label is placed on the neck of a bottle of wine from the Chianti Classico zone.

But why a Black Rooster? Well, that is where the legend comes in… Red wine had been produced in this area since around 1000 A.D. and Florence and Siena long feuded over rights to this region. Finally, around 1200, they agreed to end the feud with a competition.

Horsemen were to depart from rival the cities at the crow of a rooster. Wherever they met would determine the boundary lines and settle the dispute once and for all. While the Senesi chose a well-fed white rooster, the cunning Florentines chose a starving black rooster. On the day of the event the white rooster dutifully crowed at sunrise, but the poor hungry black rooster had begun to crow long before, thus giving the Florentine rider a considerable advantage. The Senese horseman didn’t get very far and borders were established with the region now belonging to Florence.

True or not, it makes a great story and that starving Black Rooster has been immortalized on every bottle of Chianti Classico since!”

 Don’t you think that he (and the cunning of the Florentines) deserve a toast? Salute!

 I would recommend any of our Chianti’s…they are delightful.

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Corveste Wines welcomes Le Clos des Cazaux

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Trust everyone is finding ways of dealing with our “protracted” winter this year. Fortunately we have great wines to keep everyone warm.

We are very excited to announce our new business relationship with Le Clos des Cazaux, another fine French vineyard. With over five generations of hard work and experience, the family has produced some fantastic wines.  We are featuring their Vacqueyras and  Gigondas on our website. Take a few minutes and read the newsletter for more details.

We are preparing another shipment of our wines from Europe this week so let us know if there is something you will need by May/June timeframe. Just go to the web site, click on orders and select your choice.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know directly

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